Stanza to Reason

Question Time 14th June 2018

This week’s edition of the David Dimbleby roadshow came from Caernarfon. Unsurprisingly, Brexit featured prominently. Isabel Oakeshott, biographer of David Cameron (remember his No.10 rose garden wedding with Nick Clegg), Dominic Grieve (Conservative remainer), Leanne Wood (Leader of Plaid Cymru), John Mann (Labour Brexiteer) and Matthew Wright (Channel 5 person) responded predictably to the adequate questions with which they were faced. Not one of the members of the audience or panel managed to observe that:

1. We elect governments to make decisions. David Cameron and George Osborne erroneously believed that they would defeat the right wing of their party. Both of them are, of course, insulated by their alleged off-shore and wallpaper millions. They had no difficulty in lighting the Brexit bonfire and retreating. We are left with the faux ‘buffoon’ who tousles his hair in TV green rooms. Uxbridge has never been pretty but it is much uglier now. Tresemme really doesn’t wash and should be pulling her hair out.

2. Nigel Farage, before the referendum, said that a 48% / 52% vote in favour of remaining would legitimate a second referendum. We all know what ensued.

3. Some things are more important than money.

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